The Libertarian Party opposes the No Fly No Buy bill and other restrictions without due process

ALEXANDRIA — The Libertarian Party opposes the No Fly List, "no buy" lists, and other such lists where the government infringes on a person's rights without due process of law.

In recent years, the federal government has used "the war on terror" as an excuse to encroach on our most fundamental human rights.


PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND (June 20, 2016) – Tony Jones, state director for the Libertarian Party’s Johnson | Weld 2016 campaign, calls upon the Brown University’s Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy to include third party presidential candidates in their future polls.

Johnson Rising! Libertarian Party Candidate Hits 12 Percent in New Fox Poll

Other poll this week indicates he pulls more from Clinton than Trump.
Brian Doherty|Jun. 9, 2016 6:36 pm
The Libertarian Party's presidential candidate Gary Johnson has long insisted that the presidential debates are key to his ticket's success. And getting into the debates, through the front door anyway, requires polling at 15 percent in five (as yet unnamed) reputable national polls.

He's inching closer to that goal with today's announcement of his highest even national poll total, with 12 percent from Fox.

Nirvana bassist, Krist Novoselic backs Gary Johnson

Nirvana bassist backs Gary Johnson
by Gary Johnson 2016 | May 31, 2016

For Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, the money will roll right in from former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic.

“I just gave the maximum contribution to @GovGaryJohnson presidential campaign,” Novoselic tweeted Tuesday. The maximum individual contribution permitted under federal law is $2,700.

Gov. William Weld wins Libertarian VP nomination

ORLANDO — Today two-term Massachusetts governor William Weld became the vice presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party at its nominating convention.

Earlier today, the delegates elected two-term New Mexico governor Gary Johnson to be the party’s presidential nominee.

“This is the highest-profile ticket in the Libertarian Party’s history,” said Nicholas Sarwark, Libertarian Party Chair. “And it comes at a time when Americans yearn for a credible alternative to Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.”

New Hampshire's Dumbest Law contest to repeal seaweed law

Rollie Stapleton's sophomore advisory class chose RSA 207:48 the law that makes it illegal to collect seaweed off the beach after sunset. If you're caught, the violation could carry upwards of a thousand dollars.
"When I first read this, I was like you're saying I can't pick it up and plop it down on the beach," Poitras said. "I was like that's bogus!"