New Hampshire's Dumbest Law contest to repeal seaweed law

Rollie Stapleton's sophomore advisory class chose RSA 207:48 the law that makes it illegal to collect seaweed off the beach after sunset. If you're caught, the violation could carry upwards of a thousand dollars.
"When I first read this, I was like you're saying I can't pick it up and plop it down on the beach," Poitras said. "I was like that's bogus!"

Rep. Max Abramson adds bill to open broadband to free market competition

Rep. Max Abramson adds House Bill 1134 to open broadband to free market competition

"Constituents have raised concerns about both the cost and service for current Internet Service Providers. Many business looking at New Hampshire are unable to move up here and bring jobs with them because they require 100% uptime and better download and upload speeds than what's currently available."

Currently, some municipalities prevent high speed options like Google Fiber and Verizon FiOS from entering the market.

A federal judge rejected the Libertarian Party's objection to time limits for ballot access

Gilles Bissonnette, legal director of the New Hampshire ACLU, said the party is considering an appeal.

"This law limits voter choice and stacks the deck against candidates who - like roughly 40 percent of Granite Staters - don't belong to a major party," he said.

LPNH wins a small court victory

"The state offers a number of arguments in favor of dismissal, but none are persuasive," he wrote.

In 2012, the Libertarian Party ran candidates for president, vice president, Congress and several state-level seats after collecting the necessary signatures, but it began the collection process in 2011. For the 2016 election, it would need to collect 14,864 signatures.