Brendan Kelly re-elected selectman in Seabrook

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire congratulates Brendan Kelly of Seabrook on his re-election as Selectman. Brendan is a past chair of the LPNH and has been fighting for liberty for many years.

In a statement to the press and his fellow citizens of Seabrook, Brendan said, "First and foremost 'Thank You' to the people of Seabrook who have accepted me and my ideas as I knew they would. That's why I'm here, as I believe the people of this town are the salt of the earth and the type of people you can count on when the going gets rough. The going is about to get very rough and I plan on standing up for and along side my friends and neighbors.

"I don't want anyone to be surprised that I plan to run for the state house again this year. To serve the people of Seabrook best we need an independent voice who is able to scream 'NO MORE' and 'Enough is Enough' to the new expenses that they will try to levy on our town. I'll not be running as a politician but rather as a patriot of the principles this country was founded upon. I truly believe in Live Free or Die and our state and federal constitutions, which were designed to protect the rights and freedom of ''We the people' who are the highest and only power in this great nation."

Brendan will be running for state representative as a Libertarian in the 2010 general election. He has also written a book "Ya, I'm Talking to You", which is available from his website. You can meet Brendan at the NH Liberty Forum, being held March 18-21 in Nashua, promoting the LPNH and his Roar for Liberty project.

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