2018 Primary Election Results

Sep 12, 2018 | News

With 84% of precincts reporting Libertarian results, WMUR has Jilletta Jarvis ahead of Aaron Day, 54% to 46%.

In the other contested Libertarian race, Libertarian Justin O’Donnell is comfortably ahead of Tom Alciere for New Hampshire’s Second Congressional seat. Alciere was kicked out of the Libertarian Party years ago for cause, yet remained on the primary ticket due to state law defining eligibility, rather than the Party’s bylaws. At 75% to 25%, we are ready to congratulate O’Donnell, though only 81% of precincts are reporting their results for that race at this time.

Other Libertarian candidates were unchallenged on the Primary ballot and will appear on the General Election ballot November 6; you can view the full list on our Candidates page.

This article will be updated as results are finalized.

September 13, AM update: There are still towns not reporting Libertarian results, presumably due to our write-ins being counted after the other Parties’ write-ins. Associated Press has the town-by-town results announced so far for the LP Gubernatorial and Second Congressional District primary races.

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