New County Groups Formed

The LPNH Executive Committee has formed three new county-level development groups in areas of the state without an affiliate. The purpose of these groups is to grow membership enough so each can eventually apply for affiliation.

The three groups are:
Belknap County Libertarians
Carroll County Libertarians
North Country Libertarians (Coos County and Grafton County above Franconia Notch.)

In the organizational flow chart of LPNH, these groups are under the purview of the Membership and Outreach Committee, chaired by Brian Shields, LPNH Vice Chair.

With the formation of these three development groups, LPNH will have an official organization representing the entire state of New Hampshire. LPNH members in the corresponding counties are automatically considered members of these groups, and are encouraged to get involved.

If you are interested in organizing a meetup in your county, email the Membership and Outreach Committee at

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