Our candidates need to collect 3000 signatures, 1500 from each Congressional District, to get on the ballot in 2020. In order to do this, their teams will be canvassing and holding events to get petitions signed and get the word out about their campaigns. You can click the buttons below to print a petition for the Congressional District you live in, or click the help button if you don’t know what Congressional District you live in.


I support reducing the size, scope and power of government on all levels, on all issues! I’m running for Governor of New Hampshire on a platform of criminal justice reform, lower taxation, ballot access reform and voting rights.

US Senate

Justin O’Donnell isn’t a career politician, in fact, he’s quite the opposite. A millennial, he has grown up knowing nothing but a nation at war, crippled with debt, and dividing itself along ideological grounds over the lesser of two evils. A student of history, he recognizes the crucial crossroads the American People are faced with, to either put aside partisan politics and unite as a nation, or stay the course of division, and fall like the empires of old.

US House, CD-1

Zachary seeks to be the solution to the problems New Hampshire is facing within our Federal government. For too long the Granite State has been subject to the whims of elected officials who sought to benefit themselves rather than the people they served. In his mission to advocate for the success of New Hampshire, Zachary will continue to build bridges across the political spectrum and seek to ensure that all voices have the opportunity to be heard.

US House, CD-2

The Washington Machine is entrenched with political games and bad actors. Instead of tangible problems, they stand behind a brutal war on terror, stagnated with dead American soldiers and displaced bystanders. Too often the needs the next generation are sold fulfill the unfunded obligations mandated by the power brokers. A.J. Olding stands before you, a man of honesty and integrity, in need of your support to build a lasting future for you, your children, and the American way of life.

Richard Manzo

Hillsborough County Treasurer

Richard currently serves on the Goffstown budget committee, where his record speaks to the pledge he’s making in his campaign for county treasurer: to eliminate waste, reduce spending, and scrutinize the budget.

NH General Court, Strafford-9

Brandon Phinney is dedicated to common sense solutions to New Hampshire’s rising issues. Healthcare, jobs, education, drug abuse, and more.

Tobin Menard

NH General Court, Sullivan-9

Carl Newman

NH General Court, Hillsborough-29

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