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April 11 post in Manchester Ink Link 

LPNH Chair, Brian Shields, is quoted in the article regarding NH Civil Rights:

Brian Shields, LPNH Chair

“Libertarians in the state have taken the stance that executive orders are unnecessary since the incentive for self-preservation and the “weight of another’s life in your hands” is enough to encourage people to take the necessary precautions.

“This is an unprecedented abridgment of civil rights on everyone,” said Brian Shields, Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire.

Shields said his greatest concern is the inability for the legislature to meet and pass emergency legislation, effectively concentrating all the government power in the executive branch.

“New Hampshire is essentially living under a benevolent dictator,” Shields said. “If it was anyone but Sununu as governor I would be scared for the future of the live-free-or-die state. It still sets a dangerous precedent. The only check and balance on the Governor are the judges he appointed. That is an incredible flaw in our system of government and is frightening if that power ever gets in the wrong hands.”

Other states haven’t been so lucky, Shields said.”

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