LPNH Coup Timeline – Important Letters & Artifacts

Sep 6, 2021 | Latest Updates, News

Feel free to scan below some of the many formal communications to the Libertarian National Committee (“LNC”) (and other relevant public communications) regarding the odd matter of this Political Coup happening in the state of New Hampshire.

03/19/2021Convention Meeting Minutes (only for context):

06/07/2021 JBH Provides Letter to LPNH Chair (Involves himself in LPNH affairs):

06/08/2021 – Jackie Perry Expelled From Party Due to NAP Violation

06/12/2021 ** THE COUP BEGINS **  Chairwoman Jilletta Jarvis, Armed with Support from JBH, “Goes Rogue” and Creates her own Entity (with its own new set of bylaws, its own EC, and a new pledge)–claiming it’s the “new LPNH” – and steals assets from party in a highly-coordinated “takeover” / coup. She removes all EC members from party digital assets (including website and member lists and LPNH documents)

6/12/2021Joe-Bishop Henchman (Chair of LNC) Pens a Letter to Members Relaying “Facts” not in Evidence–and/or Later-Discovered Lies. Quoting from his Letter: “She [Jarvis] related that the EC started member expulsions in violation of their Bylaws last week, first with someone no one would object to in order to set the precedent and then to proceed with a wide swath of the membership with a goal of making the party a tool of the state Republicans. She says she has evidence to this effect. Her position is that the EC members who so acted illegally have constructively resigned, and as the only remaining EC member who did not participate in the expulsion, it now falls to her to fill vacancies.”

6/12/2021Justin O’Donnell’s Open Letter to the LNC Concerning the Actions of Jilletta Jarvis

6/13/2021Jilletta Jarvis Meets (Unofficially) with LNC Members in a Discovery/Fact-Finding Session. It is here where the bulk of her claims against the current LPNH EC and its members are outlined and accusations levied.

06/13/2021LPNH Membership Issues Signed Recall Letter for Ms. Jarvis given her Egregious Actions

06/14/2021Letter to the LPNH Judicial Committee requesting review of actions taken by EC to Expel Jackie Perry:

06/14/2021Sean Dempsey’s Letter to the LNC Requesting Return of Misappropriated Assets by the ‘Rogue’ New (Unaffiliated) Entity

06/14/2021 – Sean Dempsey’s Letter to the LNC Expressing the EXTREME Privacy Issues with Data being in Improper Hands

06/14/2021Sean Dempsey’s Letter to LPNH Section 8 Rep Providing Jilletta’s Written Refusal to Return Stolen Property

06/14/2021Emergency EC Meeting Minutes to Suspend Jilletta Jarvis

06/15/2021Stephen Nass’ Statement / Letter to LNC Refuting Allegations of Wrongdoing

06/15/2021Joshua Smith Motions to Centure the LNC Chair, Joe-Bishop Henchman for his Role in this Mess

6/15/2021A National Petition is Created Seeking JBH’s Resignation

6/15/2021 (9:00pm EST) – LNC EC Meets for 2.5 hours to Deliberate on One Motion (To Return Property Back to LPNH) [slightly more complicated then this, but that’s the gist]. 500+ Members max out Zoom call. After 1.25 hrs of hearing from interested parties, LNC votes NAY on whether to return stolen property. The deciding vote belonged to Richard Longstretch who first made an impassioned speech for why he would be voting AYE on the motion; upon learning he was the deciding vote he folded and voted NAY last second.

06/16/2021Sean Dempsey’s Letter to the LNC EC explaining deep concern for JBH’s role in the situation.

06/16/2021Sean Dempsey’s Letter to Caryn-Ann Harlos and Joshua Smith Requesting a Motion to Suspend Joe Bishop Henchman

06/17/2021 – NH’s Region 8 Representative, Tucker Colburn, (Voted into office to HELP the States he Represents) Votes to Disaffiliate the New Hampshire LPNH

06/17/2021After Facing a Backlash for his Decision by other Delegates, Tucker Colburn Resigns

6/17/2021Joshua Smith Makes Motion to Return Stolen Property back to the LPNH

6/17/2021LNC Chair Threatens to sue Those Investigating his Actions

6/17/2021 5:43pm EST – Jilletta Jarvis returns all digital assets back to LPNH


06/18/2021Sean Dempsey’s Email Thread to Andy Burns (LNC IT Contact), Joshua Smith, Caryn-Ann, JBH Regarding Access to Stolen Property and LNC’s Inability/Unwillingness to Take Action

06/18/2021Due to Mounting Pressure Pushing for an Investigation into his Actions, Joe-Bishop Henchman (Chairman of the LNC) Resigns

6/18/2021In Retaliation for Pushing for Investigation of its Chair, a Motion is Made (and voted YES on by its Chair as his final vote before resigning) to Suspend Caryn-Ann Harlos

06/20/2021LPNH Judicial Committee Rules on LPNH ExComm’s Decision to Expel Jackie Perry from the Party. Their Ruling: This was NOT in accordance with the Bylaws

06/22/2021Recently Instated (interim) Chair, Ken Moellman, Assists LPNH in Obtaining a Letter from LNC Affirming LPNH and its Current Active Chair, Mr. Nolan Pelletier, as the Correct and Rightful New Hampshire Affiliate

06/22/2021Richard Longstretch’s Vindictive Motion to Suspend Caryn-Ann Harlos for “Breach of Decorum” is Defeated; he Withdraws the Motion

06/27/2021 – LNC approves an investigation into the events of the LPNH coup

08/30/221 – Appointed special committee by the LLC to investigate malfeasance of JBH and his involvement in the LPNH coup attempt publishes a formal report. In it the conclusion is: “We conclude that LNC Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman was involved in, guided, and likely initiated, this strategy. We conclude that his actions were inappropriate. We further conclude that at least one other actor was involved. We were unable to identify that individual(s). We further find that Joe Bishop-Henchman deleted LP.ORG email evidence prior to his resignation.

09/5/2021 – CAH is suspended by vote of the LNC EC–as a final rebuke of her support for the LPNH and the theft that took place of its assets by a third party, assisted by the LNC’s former chair.

05/29/2022 – The 2021 motion to suspend CAH is revoked by a vote of the body at the 2022 LP National Convention in Reno. Caryn-Ann Harlos is REINSTATED to her position as Secretary of the party.

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