Belknap County Libertarians
Coös County Libertarians
Carroll County Libertarians
Cheshire County Libertarians

The Libertarians of Belknap, Coös, Carroll, and Cheshire Counties have not yet organized.

If you wish to start a meetup in these counties, contact the LPNH Membership Director at or message the LPNH Executive Committee at
  • LPNH Members who reside within these counties are automatically members of their Development Group (DG).
  • The Membership Director can assign roles and duties to DG members as necessary.
  • The goal of each DG is to grow LPNH membership within their county with enough active members to apply for affiliation from the Executive Committee.

Differences between Development Groups and Affiliates

Affiliates have autonomy over their area.

They develop candidates, create events, and are the point of contact for media requests and volunteer inquiries. They have their own Executive Committee, bylaws, handle their own finances, are responsible for complying with campaign finance law, and can create a local platform if they so choose.

Development Groups are subcommittees of the LPNH Membership and Outreach Committee. 

The Membership Director is their point of contact, expenses are managed and approved through the M.O. Committee budget to comply with campaign finance law. The primary goal of a DG is to grow membership in their county to the point where they can apply for affiliation with the LPNH Executive Committee.

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