Governor Chris Sununu’s Recent Actions Are That Of A Tyrant And Must Be Stopped

Apr 6, 2021 | Press Releases


DATE: April 06, 2021

Concord, NH – The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire demands Governor Chris Sununu relinquish all emergency powers executed by fiat in recent months and immediately rescind all Covid-related mandates and policies unconstitutionally enacted and/or extended. We offer the following letter for his consideration:

Dear Governor Chris Sununu,

We request you immediately revoke your recent extension of the state-wide NH mask mandate as well as all other covid-related executive orders implemented without legislative approval/vote.

These mandates were put in place via Executive Order and should never have been implemented in the first place. This is not how New Hampshire policy should be enacted.

Your actions show you clearly have given up on those who voted you into office; you have demonstrated a complete disregard for personal and civil liberties in our state.

Your intent to rule through Executive Order is outrageous and antithetical to freedom and our New Hampshire State Constitution.

The NH state legislature has had over a year to add the people’s voice to the state of emergency, and it has not.

You, a lone man, have extended the state of emergency each time that it would have expired—and without legislative support!

You, a lone man, have enacted a mandate obligating facial coverings—again without legislative action.

We, the people, are well-aware how dangerous it is to give one person too much power, and how difficult it is for people with power to relinquish it.

If it is the will of the people, then request that the people’s legislative body pass a law, and do not rule by edict.

Failing that – if free men and women (and businesses owned/operated by free men and women) desire to wear masks, social distance, and/or follow any guidelines you wish to prescribe, this is perfectly acceptable.

But it is NOT your role, like some Caesar of New Hampshire, to “decree from on-high” that certain mandates on civil compliance and obedience occur.

We DEMAND you immediately rescind the extension of these mask mandates and other emergency powers which were unconstitutionally affected via Executive Order.

This is the “Live Free or Die” state. Your actions through this crisis have demonstrated you have completely given up on the voters who put you into office – most of them desiring for less government and fewer regulations.

Instead, you have turned your back on these principles!

Governor Chris Sununu, you have sadly shown your voters and the people of New Hampshire you are just another Big-State charlatan; your actions demonstrate you do not truly believe in freedom or believe its citizens deserve it.

Your actions are despicable.

The way you have seized control under the guise of “emergency powers” and thwarted the standard legislative process is contemptable.

Retract your extension of this mask mandate and other non-constitutional emergency powers. Immediately.

Failing to do so, we the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire will fight your gross expansion of gubernatorial powers. We will call for a vote of no confidence in your leadership as Governor and recommend all free-minded voting members of the New Hampshire State Senate & State Legislature remove you from your office.

We renounce dictator-like power of any sitting Senator or Governor of our state. We are a free state. We are a free people!

Enough is enough.

The people of New Hampshire thirst for real leadership and a governor who understands they represent the will of the people.

We do not need a Dictator! We want a public servant.

We implore you to relinquish your stranglehold over our state, abolish these unnecessary Covid-related mandates and emergency powers, and instead defer to self-directed freedom and personal choice.

It is in the crucible of terrible circumstances like these that we must hold true to our most sacred freedoms, not cast them away.

We implore you not to do as so many unscrupulous men in politics have done: to bend to the whims of power and control. Truth lies in freedom.

Retract your unconstitutional mask mandate extension for NH and all additional emergency powers immediately.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

In Liberty,
The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire

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