LPNH EC Passes Resolution Regarding Eminent Domain And The Northern Pass

Jan 3, 2017 | Uncategorized

Be it known that NH RSA 674:11 dictates that any change to structures in the must be agreed to by a municipality planning board after a public hearing regarding the proposal. Or decided upon by a majority of legal voters in said municipality.

And whereas Utilities are specifically mentioned as part of this under RSA 674:2 (g)

And whereas 674:30 (II) on Utility Structures specifically states that utility structures erected that affect the character of the area must go before the public in a hearing.

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Executive Committee believes it should ultimately be up to individual property owners, and eminent domain should NOT be an option for handing over property; and The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Executive Committee supports the rights of the voting citizens of each municipality in the proposed area of the Northern Pass their right to determine the building of structures needed in conjunction with the building of this project and if said municipality should vote against such a construction than the State should not have the right to approve the Northern Pass Project.

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