LPNH Thanksgiving Update

Nov 25, 2021 | Latest Updates

2021 LPNH Update – Thanksgiving Edition

‘Tis the season for friends and for family, and for thanks and for giving — and in that spirit we share our highlights of this year. We also would like to ask: “What steps will you take to advance freedom in NH in the upcoming year, with the only pro-liberty political party in New Hampshire, your New Hampshire Libertarian Party?”

A Season of Change
The past year was both challenging and successful. The LPNH withstood an attempted coup, the seizing of its digital assets, and the most totalitarian government programs, mandates, and propaganda this country has seen in recent history!

And we emerge with accomplishments, both numerous and inspiring.

Our New Website!New LPNH Website
We completely revamped and overhauled our website (www.LPNH.org). We extricated our data and communications from National’s control and from their internal political gamesmanship.

Now our state affiliate, not National, completely owns its membership data, its digital assets, and its communications to our members. Never again can our membership data be kidnapped and held ransom!

Ease of Use!
We made the website easier for you to use.

No more guessing: we automatically send you reminders well before your membership expires. You can now directly renew your membership and/or update your membership information. This successful elimination of what had become a constant frustration for members fulfills a major campaign promise of many of your Executive Committee members.

Nearly Tripled Membership!
The Libertarian Party in New Hampshire is growing rapidly: LPNH paid membership grew from 67 members in January 2021 to now 193 members, as of today’s date (November 24 2021). That’s an 188% increase in membership in 11 months! In that same period, donations grew to $18,791.78 (Jan 1, 2021 – Nov 24, 2021), and still more donations are coming in every week!

We are reaching more people, investing the additional funds to expand liberty in NH, and adding to our ranks more members and candidates willing to push back the state.

Massively Expanded LPNH Presence
The number of followers of our LPNH Facebook page (www.facebook.com/LPNewHampshire/) almost doubled — from 2,400 to 4,600 subscribers. Our most popular Facebook posts, spreading articulate and engaging Libertarian content, have received tens of thousands of views and interactions.

Our Twitter account grew from 4,300 to 13,400 subscribers, a threefold+ increase! The communications committee sends hard-hitting tweets on an average of 375 times per month. Several LPNH tweets received millions of views. LPNH is currently the second-most followed LP affiliate account in the country, right behind Texas (which, btw, is 36 times our population). We have more views and interactions than all the other large states, and even more than all the other ‘bold-messaging’ state party affiliates.

Because Twitter is a “shallow” form of communication, our tweets are direct, bold, unapologetic, and even provocative at times. They clearly don’t comply with the politically-correct talking points of the duopoly; we are offering the subjugated an entirely different paradigm.  So, naturally, the tweets will appear “controversial” initially, especially to those too comfortable hiding in the crowd. While this may make some fear what authoritarians will think of us, our tweets widen the Overton window, causing more liberty-curious readers to realize that there is a perspective well outside of statism and that the undaunted leader of that movement is the Libertarian Party!

We re-started an LPNH Instagram, which now serves over 1,700 followers with 50+ messages per month.

Our Communication Strategy – Why It’s Controversial. Why It Matters…
The LPNH social media accounts have been a source of much discussion, division, and debate since the new EC and its subcommittees were voted in.

In many ways the potency of the LPNH social media this year was in direct reaction/response to the sheer LACK of effective communication by the previous leadership as well as insipid and lousy messaging by the National Libertarian Party.

Current LPNH Leadership feels that milquetoast and uninspiring communication convinces no one that Libertarians are truly unique and offer a real difference. We are not just “fiscally conservative and socially liberal”; Libertarianism offers a complete paradigm shift from the current two-party system and a complete step away from statism!

Weak messaging does not help a party that polls and routinely receives less than 3% of the national vote. We must be SO inspiring and SO different and SO unabashedly **Libertarian** (aka pro-freedom) so that we demand attention.

People will not give the Libertarian party any real focus unless its messaging is pure, inspired, and real. During a year in which the most totalitarian regime in recent history descended upon our populace, bold messaging was required. And the results have spoken for itself.

Over 75 local Libertarian/freedom events have occurred — with LPNH presence — many in concert with other organizations (including the Shell, the Quill, etc.)  A few highlights:

  • LPNH hosted 70 LPNH members and prospective members at a theater to watch together the pro-liberty film, “V for Vendetta”.

  • Members introduce LPNH to new movers and old natives alike at the bi-weekly “first movers” events hosted at the Quill and the Shell.

  • A gala allowed our membership to network with the greater liberty community.

  • A meetup at FunSpot combined fun and liberty at the largest arcade in the world.

  • A friendly upcoming debate features an Executive Committee member denying this resolution, defended by a Liberty Republican:
    Resolved: “A Libertarian Party in New Hampshire undermines the progress of the Free State Project towards liberty.”
    We expect to win. (Hope to see you there!) 🙂

Meeting together regularly to share common interests and to encourage others to join us keeps our energy, passion, and membership alive.

LPNH Billboard
The LPNH invested in a digital billboard along Interstate 95 — which received over a million impressions per week — in support of our anti-vaccine mandate message. It informed NH residents that LPNH is on their side (that is, if they subscribe to self-ownership)

Partnership with FSP and NHLA
We repaired a broken relationship between LPNH and the two most pro-freedom organizations in our state: the Free State Project and the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance.

Promoting liberty in NH isn’t the sole responsibility of the LPNH. This is why we are proud to partner and work collegially with any local organization that spreads a pro-liberty message! This is so important for a multi-pronged attack on the state!

Porcfest 2021At this amazing, annual pro-freedom event — sold out for the first time ever — we distributed LPNH leaflets, and introduced LPNH to hundreds of liberty lovers considering migrating to New Hampshire. Our message of liberty was echoed by great speakers like Scott Horton and Tom Woods, many of whom were brought in by our LPNH members!

Southern New Hampshire Libertarian Party (SNHLP)
We restarted our county affiliate, SNHLP, which had been defunct for quite a while. We look forward to expanding the number of county affiliates.

Defend the GuardBring toops home logo
The LPNH sponsored and raised funds to promote one of the most anti-war bills ever in NH. Defend the Guard (NH HB580) would protect Granite Staters by keeping them home, away from the endless array of Federal unconstitutional and unethical wars.


How Can You Get More Involved?

So many LPNH members have been doing so many things that we can’t possibly share them all with you here. Your involvement with the LPNH can be as active or as passive as you want it to be, but there’s great power and joy in being actively pro-freedom. Please let us know if you’d like to get more involved!!

Here are some ways to do so right away…

Join A Local Event!

We have liberty events happening all the time and welcome you to join any/all of them. Here is just a small subset of upcoming liberty events happening before the end of the year. We would love to see you!

  • 11/25 Friendsgiving at the Quill

  • 11/26 Pho Keene Fridays

  • 11/27 Freedom Fest on Capital Steps

  • 11/27 Thanksgiving at The Shell

  • 11/28 Manchester Weekly Cryptocurrency Meetup

  • 11/28 Nashua Liberty Social

  • 11/29 Does the LP in the Free State Advance Liberty? {Live Free & Debate}

  • 11/30 Taproom Tuesday at Murphy’s

  • 12/1 Dover Liberty Outreach Meetup

  • 12/4 Merrimack Valley Porcupines

  • 12/4 Monthly Bardo Potluck and Upper Valley New Mover Party!

  • 12/5 Grafton Friends of Liberty Potluck

  • 12/7 Manchester New Movers Potluck Party

  • 12/8 Vaccine Mandates {SoHo Forum}

  • 12/11 Seacoast Marketplace

  • 12/11 Carrol County Freedom Potluck

  • 12/11 Open Mic Night at The Shell

  • 12/17-19 Sample the Seacoast Weekend/Seacoast Liberty Bus Tours

  • 12/17-18 Running out of Runway with Robbie Bernstein

  • 12/19 Gun Church

If you’d like to learn more and/or sign up for any of these upcoming liberty events, you may do so here: https://www.fsp.org/calendar/

Communicate with other Local Libertarians in REAL TIME

via Facebook

If you are an active member of the LPNH and you have not already done so, please request to join the Facebook group “LPNH (Members Only)”. This is our private “hang out” spot for discussing and debating liberty ideas, discussing legislation, promoting events, and talking about everything else under the sun. Here is the direct link to request joining (must be a dues-paying member):


via Signal

If you don’t use Facebook (and none of us would blame you!), please consider downloading and using the app “Signal” — where we have MANY very active chat rooms devoted to Libertarian activism in New Hampshire. Some Signal channels include:

  • “Freecoast Liberty”


  • “Seacoast Events”

Please join the discussion with active LPNH members on Signal with one click:  https://signal.group/#CjQKIPcQaOolPWZ-QgRUdGWiSCs4zk0QfvWPuVma81o5KWW6EhBn4Mlf49Wuww2Uk2HuskzR

Please be warned: there are hundreds of people in the group, so it can get “noisy” – it is, afterall, a real-time chatroom. 🙂

Lastly – Annual LPNH Convention is Just Around the Corner!
Heads up – our annual party convention next year will be held on 01/29/22. Please be on the lookout for an email with registration details for that. We are so excited to see you all there!

Thank You!
Again, in this season of giving thanks, we extend to you a big, heartfelt THANK YOU! Your participation and support brings ever greater freedom to our live-free-or-die state.

Freedom (inconveniently) isn’t free. It comes at a price: our time; our energy; our attention; our commitment; and our action.  We are the ones who spearhead the substantive improvement in our liberty in New Hampshire.

Thank you for dedicating part of your life to the mission of setting New Hampshire free in our lifetimes.

Please have an amazing and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

Yours warmly and In Liberty,

Nolan Pelletier, Interim Chair, LPNH
Sean Brennan, Treasurer, LPNH
Mickey Mullin, Interim Secretary, LPNH
Stephen Nass, At Large, LPNH
Sean Dempsey, At Large, LPNH

About The Author

Sean Dempsey

Sean Dempsey is a current member of the Executive Committee for the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. He is also serving on the party's Communication Committee. Sean has over 15 years' experience in marketing, and brings with him a fervent desire to see NH become more free. Sean's current passion is casting a spotlight on the myriad issue(s) where the LP differs from the other two dominant parties. This has never been more prominent, as in 2020/2021+, where both federal and state governments have decided to implement a radical state of emergency and strip the people's freedoms through executive action and totalitarian policy. This cannot continue!

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