Representative Brandon Phinney Switches To The Libertarian Party

Jun 27, 2017 | Press Releases

Representative Brandon Phinney (Strafford 24), formerly a member of the Republican Party, announced today on the State House steps he is changing his party affiliation to the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire.

For the third time this year, a sitting State Representative has dropped their party and joined the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. Representative Caleb Q. Dyer (Hillsborough 37) switched to the LPNH from the Republican Party in February and Joseph Stallcop (Cheshire 4) switched to the LPNH from the Democratic Party in May.

Darryl W. Perry, Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire invited any others, unhappy with their party leadership, to feel welcome with the Libertarian Party. “When the Libertarian Party had ballot access in the 1990’s the Libertarian House Caucus had 4 members. It is my hope and desire that the civil libertarians, classical liberals and philosophical libertarians in the New Hampshire General Court will show the same courage shown by Representatives Dyer, Stallcop and now Representative Brandon Phinney, and abandon the two-party system that has for so long burdened us with taxation, regulation, and legislation that has trampled our freedoms.”

Representative Phinney is currently serving in the New Hampshire National Guard and the State Department of Correction. His experience in military and corrections will enhance the perspective of the NH House Libertarian Caucus, which meets in Room 104 of the LOB on Thursdays at 9am when the House is in session. He will work with Representatives Dyer and Stallcop in the Libertarian Caucus to minimize state government, lower taxes, eliminate barriers to conducting business, and will work hard to increase individual freedom and personal liberty while protecting the rights of individuals and businesses within New Hampshire.

Representative Phinney stated differences with Republican leadership and that the Party policies were in conflict with is promises to his constituents. Representative Phinney expressed “We were elected to the People’s House to serve their will, their interests, and limit government interference in their lives. I was not elected to do the bidding of a political party at the expense of my principles. Establishment partisan politics do nothing to protect the rights of people, but instead only serve to prop up and expand government with arcane plans to irresponsibly spend our money and enact burdensome regulations on businesses, small and large alike. The Libertarian Party platform gives us as legislators the best possible framework to expand social freedoms, support a free market economy, and ensure the checks and balances on government power are enforced.”

Originally formed in 1992, the New Hampshire House Libertarian Caucus had four members: Calvin Warburton, Andy Borsa, Don Gorman, and Finlay Rothhaus. The officially recognized Libertarian Caucus named Gorman as the Libertarian Floor Leader.

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