Should Libertarians Fight One Another?

Sep 6, 2021 | Ask A Libertarian

No. Unequivocally no. True Libertarians (those who reject the state and its tyranny) should stand together FOR freedom instead of AGAINST each other.

Many Libertarians have become so focused on fighting each other we have lost sight of the true enemy: the State and its myriad atrocities—i.e. its rampant theft of free people and the rape, murder, and plunder of the world as an self-decided global empire.

It’s an understandable reaction that many of us would rather fight our former-friend or neighbor than band together against a far more powerful (and far more evil) target.

Why shoot a BB gun at an oncoming train when you can feel far more accomplished fighting a more reasonable and localized target—even if he’s not your enemy at all?

But we urge you to remember:

The State is a behemoth. It is a multi-headed hydra that is difficult to challenge without banding together. Individually we are weak; together we are strong.

The State and its evil knows no bounds. And one of its many tactics is to turn those who would oppose it against each other.

Don’t let it.

Liberty dies when good men and women fight each other instead of for freedom.

Evil endures only when corruption is allowed to flourish over freedom.

Freedom is fragile. But do not cast stones at it by fighting each other instead of turning your attention on the one and only enemy. Fight the state with every breath. Fight corruption with every ounce of energy. Fight tyranny at all costs.

About The Author

Sean Dempsey

Sean Dempsey is a current member of the Executive Committee for the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. He is also serving on the party's Communication Committee. Sean has over 15 years' experience in marketing, and brings with him a fervent desire to see NH become more free. Sean's current passion is casting a spotlight on the myriad issue(s) where the LP differs from the other two dominant parties. This has never been more prominent, as in 2020/2021+, where both federal and state governments have decided to implement a radical state of emergency and strip the people's freedoms through executive action and totalitarian policy. This cannot continue!

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