Why Join The LPNH?

Should You Join The Libertarian Party Of NH?

  • Do you feel that the government is routinely lying to you? (hint: it is!)
  • Do you believe the state is not the answer to our problems; it is the CAUSE of most problems?
  • Do you listen to politicians on both ‘the Left’ and ‘the Right’ and know they’re BOTH WRONG? For example:
    • Did you know in 2020 Republican NH Governor Sununu became a dictator, issuing more than 90 executive orders, ruling by edict instead of by legislature. Whatever you feel about Covid, this was a MASSIVE abuse of power!
    • Did you know Democrat NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen is actively pushing to STAY in forever wars like Afghanistan?
  • Did you witness that the ‘systemic threat of Covid’ allowed NH government officials to suspend both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?
    • In 2020 NH implemented massive infringements on Individual and Civil Liberties for citizens in NH.
    • NH locked down citizens and implemented state-wide mask mandates.
    • NH shut down hundreds of businesses,
    • NH ruined the lives of thousands of business owners and operators,
  • Were you aware that in the last 18 months, New Hampshire has seen the most MASSIVE increase in state and federal power in decades?

Become a member for just $25/yr. OR, if you really want to send a message and help champion the message of freedom in NH, become a Lifetime Member for $500 (one-time).

New Hampshire needs YOUR HELP to SAY NO to government bureaucrats & power-hungry politicians!

Do you live in New Hampshire and want to take action against Big Government invading your freedom and civil and personal liberties?

Become a member of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire today.

The Benefits Of Joining The LPNH Are Numerous:

  1. Get access to a “Members Only” area in social media, where LPNH members discuss NH bills to oppose and support
  2. Engage in a very active community of fellow liberty-lovers, whom care about freedom as much as you
  3. Learn which freedom candidates are running for office in your area and how to support them
  4. Learn how to spread the message of freedom to others most successfully
  5. Join the communication efforts of the LPNH, and help put out press releases, social media posts, and other communications to the larger community.
  6. Learn about local issues impacting YOU and your community before anyone else.
  7. Get early access to freedom events such as PorcFest
  8. Join a community of folks in your local area who have regular meet-ups to discuss liberty topics and how to make change
  9. Become trained by experienced Libertarians on how to become involved in the political process in your county (if you want)
  10. Get actively involved in campaigning for other libertarians
  11. Become a voting member at the LPNH Annual Convention, allowing you to help move the party forward and vote on its policy, bylaws, focuses, and platform.
  12. plus so much more…

Become a member for just $25/yr. OR, if you really want to send a message and help champion the message of freedom in NH, become a Lifetime Member for $500 (one-time).

Don’t just lament the decline of Liberty in New Hampshire. DO SOMETHING. GET INVOLVED. Become a member today!